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Turkey Holdiays - By Susan Jones  23 Apr 2014

 Turkey Holidays: Turkey remains one of the most ideal destinations to visit, especially if you are from the UK. Many Brits have become accustomed to the offerings of this welcoming country so many plan for repeat visits whenever their schedules allow them. The biggest hindering factor is usually money. One of the beautiful small resort in Turkey is Hisaronu.



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Landscape and topography:
Turkey is a country with an area of 779,452sq km (300,948sq miles), six times that of Greece, yet with half the number of people per square kilometre. The population is estimated at around 75 million. The Anatolian peninsula has strongly defined geographical limits: the Karadeniz (Black Sea) to the north; the Aegean in the west and the Mediterranean in the south; and the high mountain ranges that culminate in Buyukagri Dagi (Mount Ararat) at5,165m (16,946ft), to the east. The 5 per cent that lies west of the (Canakkale Bogazi (Dardanelles) is flatter, geographically a part of Europe, ! and contains the cities of Istanbul and Edirne. Its limit is defined by an artificial border whose exact position has varied considerably according to the politics of the day.

Istanbul sunset - turkey holidays sea beach  in Alanya, Turkey

The main land mass consists of the bleak steppe lands of the central Anatolian Plateau, set at 1,000m (3,300ft), ringed by the verdant Pontic  mountains to the north and the Toros (Taurus) to the south. These ranges run east to west and join up with the vast, inhospitable mountainous region in the east that borders Iran and Iraq. Volcanoes and earthquakes: There are several large volcanoes in Turkey besides Mount Ararat, the highest, but none is thought to be still active. Fault lines do still have movement, and earthquakes in the north and west of Turkey have been common throughout history and continue to strike every ten years or so, the last being in 2007. Both the bogazici (Bosporus) and the Dardanelles owe their existence to of the shifting fault lines, and the whole of the black Sea was created as a result of subsidence along a series of fissures



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