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Turkey Holdiays - By Susan Jones  16 Apr 2014

 Turkey Holidays: Turkey remains one of the most ideal destinations to visit, especially if you are from the UK. Many Brits have become accustomed to the offerings of this welcoming country so many plan for repeat visits whenever their schedules allow them. The biggest hindering factor is usually money. One of the beautiful small resort in Turkey is Hisaronu.



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Money Saving Tips for Your Turkish Holiday

Without an infinite budget to work with, you have to be conscious about where your money goes. As much as hunting for discount accommodation deals and flight plans is encouraged, you still end up spending quite a sum. Luckily, your time in Turkey doesn’t have to be financially draining. Here are some money saving tips that should come in handy.


There are numerous accommodation options in Turkey as a whole. While resorts are greatly advertised, they mostly serve to an affluent clientele. Hotels, hostels and B&Bs are more pocket friendly for the budget traveler. There are private apartments and villas too, if you plan on having an extended stay. Do your homework well, and you’ll be able to get great discount for weekend stays.


Local eating points are the best places to grab a meal when on a holiday in Turkey. A traditional locanta serves a sensible 10 for a three course meal. If you want a cheaper, more authentic dining experience, local restaurants offer satiating options for as little as 5. Better yet, you can opt for self-catering. It’s more feasible if you plan on staying a couple of weeks.

Alcohol is heavily taxed, so a bottle of wine will cost a lot more than it does in the UK. Beer is the most reasonable option, as it is cheaper.

Getting Around

Car rentals are a luxury you are better off without. Turkey’s public transportation system is evolved. Coach travel is comfortable, even if you plan on travelling some distance. Buy your tickets in advance, so that you are familiar with the company, and the departure times. Taxis are in abundance too, and the drivers are polite and helpful.

Turkey is not within the EU region, so roaming privileges will not apply. Mobile phone calls and SMSs will cost you more, but not so much that you have to budget for it.

Turkey has a lot of travel guides and resources. Adequate research prior to your trip will enable you find deals. Take advantage of price comparison sites to shop around.

Consider travelling during the off-season. Not only are there smaller tourist crowds but the prices of most services are noticeably lower.



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